The Potatopia Cookbook features a collection of Allen Dikker’s favorite recipes that he wasn’t able to feature on the menu of his potato-centric restaurant, Potatopia. In what has been dubbed a “cultlike following” by Food and Beverage Magazine, Dikker’s Potatopians include foodies, vegans, vegetarians, families, and everyone in between. Now, home cooks can experience potato heaven from their own kitchens with these exclusive recipes culled from the over 200 that Dikker has developed since Potatopia’s inception. As CEO and founder of the chain, Dikker has earned his authority on all things potatoes.


Praise for Allen Dikker’s Potatopia

“Perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s also a treasure among those who have dietary restrictions, for potatoes are gluten free and vegan!” —Samantha Sokol, editor, Untapped Cities

What are they saying?

“The potato has just moved from the side of the plate to its center.” - Food and Beverage Magazine