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Latkes. Gnocchi. Aligot. Knishes. Samosas. Munini-imo. Poutine. Potatoes—consumed globally at a rate of about 68 pounds per capita each year—are the stars of some of the world’s most beloved dishes. Perhaps this is why most of us tend to underestimate the humble tuber—it’s so familiar that we forget its full potato potential.

Enter The Potatopia Cookbook, a collection of more than 75 creative potato recipes from Allen Dikker, the CEO and founder of Potatopia, the fast-casual all-potato restaurant that has been featured by the New York Times, the Village Voice, and, among others.

While the cookbook includes some traditional potato dishes like gnocchi and shepherd’s pie, most recipes are innovative creations that reimagine the world’s most popular vegetable. Ever thought to make lasagna with paper-thin potato slices instead of noodles? Or prepare truffles with mashed potatoes? Find it all in The Potatopia Cookbook alongside detailed descriptions of potato varieties, potato history, and potato preparation and storage tips.

As an added bonus to their popularity, potatoes are naturally gluten-free and—when prepared simply—very nutritious. Along with being fat-, sodium-, and cholesterol-free, potatoes are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As he did with Potatopia’s menu, Dikker highlights these benefits in the cookbook by focusing on recipes that skip the fat in favor of keeping it healthy. The result is a hearty, wholesome celebration of all things potato

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The Potatopia Cookbook features a collection of Allen Dikker’s favorite recipes that he wasn’t able to feature on the menu of his potato-centric restaurant, Potatopia. In what has been dubbed a “cultlike following” by Food and Beverage Magazine, Dikker’s Potatopians include foodies, vegans, vegetarians, families, and everyone in between. Now, home cooks can experience potato heaven from their own kitchens with these exclusive recipes culled from the over 200 that Dikker has developed since Potatopia’s inception. As CEO and founder of the chain, Dikker has earned his authority on all things potatoes.

This cookbook is organized into six chapters by course: Starters and Snacks; Soups and Salads; Mains; Meatless Mains; Sides; and Sweets. The book also includes two bonus sections for basic potato recipes and Potatopia’s signature sauces—both of which are used throughout the book.


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